Thursday, July 4, 2013

Legend of the Valkyrie

Here's my take on a Rise of the Valkyrie Master Set turned into a whole bunch of custom figs. These units were designed to be played in what is an RotV/LotV only format. They shouldn't be too off if played with all of the units, however. because they aren't officially used in this set, I don't think it'd be too bad to use the Elite Onyx Vipers (assuming you have them or Venocs to proxy them), as well as my custom Marro Elite card. The EOV were already in an RotV set (just from wal-Mart though, to my knowledge), and Marro Elite are so old it can't hurt any. ^_~

This set makes use of "Templates". Much like how my Disgaea-Scape uses Templates, its pretty much the same idea. The only two templates are fairly simple here. 1 is a 3x3x3 Triangle of hexes. For Clickslither's Noxious Breath, only leave 1 point adjacent to the actual figure. The other is in the shape of a traditional 7-hexed terrain piece. Like Noxious Breath, simply place 1 of the tips adjacent to Modifiedwalker 9000.

To the 13 units!

(NGS with blade cut down to a stub)
En-Ta-Sho/Utgar/Marro/Unique Hero/War Cleric/Medium 5/Crude
5 Life/5 Move/1 Range/2 Attack/5 Defense/70 points
Soul Absorption: When a Unique Squad figure that is not a Soulborg is destroyed within 6
clear sight spaces of ETS, may place it on this Army card. Add 1 to Feral Resurrection rolls
for each one.
Feral Resurrection: Instead of attacking normally, choose a destroyed Unique Squad figure you
controlled. Roll a 20D. On a 7+, place it within 3 clear sight spaces of ETS. Subtract 1 from
your roll for every 10 points that figure's Army Card s worth.

Drake with his grapple hook cut off to make a mortar shooter
Captain Morgan/Jandar/Human/Unique Hero/Valiant/Medium 5/Soldier
5 Life/5 Move/1 Range/4 Attack/4 Defense/130 points
Mortar Shells Special Attack: 5 Range. 4 Attack. Lob 15.
This power may only be used once per game. Choose three figures. Roll attack dice once for all
of them and any figures adjacent to them. You do not need clear line of sight on these figures. Figures roll defense dice sperately.
Charge Into War: Before moving Captain Morgan, you may move up to 2 small or medium squad figures
who follow Jandar and move them 4 spaces.

Izumis with Greenish armor/skin
Fallen Samurai/Utgar/Undead/Unique Squad/Samurai/Medium 5/Terrifying
3 men/4 Move/1 Range/2 Attack/1 Defense/50 points
Deadly Swing: If a Fallen Samurai rolls all skulls, the defending figure rolls no dice.
Numb: Against Normal attacks, 1 shield will block all damage.

Uses a 6 hex "Triangle Template" for Breath attack
Mimring sans wings, green paint
Clickslither/Ullar/Unique Hero/Viper/Warlord/Huge 9/Relentless
6 Life/9 Move/1 Range/5 Attack/2 Defense/150 points
Noxious Breath Special Attack: Range Special. Attack 4.
Place the Triangle Template adjacent to Clickslither. All figures covered by the Noxious Breath Template within clear sight of Clickslither are affected. Roll attack dice once for all figs.
Slither: ~
Aquatic Evade 3: +3 Defense against ranged attacks while on water and enemy figures subtract 3 from all D20 rolls they make if it would affect Clickslither.

AE painted brownish camo
Assault Force/Einar/Unique Squad/Humans/Snipers/Precise/Medium 5
3 men/4 Move/6 Range/3 Attack/2 Defense/80 points
Flash Bang Grenades: Instead of attacking normally, 1 member of the Assault Force may
choose a figure within 5 spaces of him and roll the 20d. 14+, remove all OMs from its army card.
Sniping: Instead of moving, increase Range by 2.

Put yellow on these Zetts' guns and cover the Utgar symbol
Battery Fighters/Aquilla/Soulborg/Unique Squad/Fighters/Medium 4/Precise
2 Men/4Move/5 Range/1 Attack/5 Defense/60 points
Surge: When attacking an adjacent figure, all skulls count for 3 hits.
Fling Away: If a Battery Fighter does not move this turn, it may move up to 4 spaces after attacking.

The lance Viking with a striped cape painted
Sordmund the Skyshield/Human/Jandar/Champion/Valiant/Medium 5
3 Life/5 Move/2 Range/2 Attack/4 Defense/40 points
Shining Force: After taking a turn with Sordmund, all figures adjacent to him on
a lower elevation subtract 1 from their move on their next turn if they are
still adjacent to him at the start of it.

Finn, Claymore viking, sideways viking, blue caped viking
Edged Ragers/Jandar/Humans/Warriors/Devout/Medium 5/Unique Squad
4 Men/5 Move/1 Range/3 attack/3 Defense/70 points
Razor Slash Special Attack: Range 1. Attack 1+Special.
Add 1 to this attack for each Edged Rager adjacent to the target. The attacked figure
rolls 2 less defense dice.
Jandar's Devotion: When starting a turn adjacent a figure who follows Jandar, add 1 to move.

Thorgrim with a red motif and red sword
Thoning/Utgar/Elf/Unique Hero/Champion/Vicious/Medium 5
4 Life/6 Move/1 Range/3 Attack/3 Defense/80 points
Crippling Power 2: Enemy figures adjacent to Thoning roll 2 less defense die.
Cripppling Spirit: When Thoning is destroyed, you may place this figure on any Unique
Army Card. All figures on that Army Card roll 1 less defense dice.

An AE who's painted black
Jorge the Commando/Vydar/Commando/Human/Medium 5/Reckless
2 Life/6 Move/7 Range/1 Attack/4 Defense/60 points
Modified Ammo: Add 1 to Jorge's attack for every special power
the targeted figure has.
Last Stand: If Jorge would receive enough wounds to be destroyed, roll a 20 sided die.
On a 13+, ignore all wounds inflicted and deal a wound to the attacking figure.

Uses a taditional 7 hexed piece as a template
Do something to his base to make him distinguishable =P
Modifiedwalker 9000/Utgar/Soulborg/Unique Hero/Large 7/Buggy
1 Life/6 Move/5 Range/4 Attack/9 Defense/130 points
Rocket Punch Special Attack: Range Special. Attack 5.
Place the 7-Hex Template adjacent to Modifiedwalker 9000. All figures covered by the 7-Hex template are affected by Rocket Punch Special Attack. Roll Attack dice once for all figures. They roll defense separately.
Programming Virus: After taking a turn with Modifiedwalker 9000, you may roll the 20d.
On a 16+, destroy him and all adjacent Soulborgs.

Syvarris with his bow repositioned
Kerma/Ullar/Elf/Unique Hero/Hunter/Medium 4/Arrogant
5 Life/6 Move/7 Range/4 Attack/1 Defense/80 points
Roped Arrow: Instead of moving normally, you may choose a space on a lower elevation than
Kerma within 7 clear sight spaces. Place Kerma on that space.
Disengage: ~

Girl Krav with a new pant motif and cut off guns
Fortune Telling Carla/Aquilla/Psychic/Wise/Medium 4/Human
4 Life/5 move/5 Range/3 Attack/2 Defense/120 points
Mind's Eye: After rolling defense dice against a normal attack, if Carla rolls at least 1 Shield, you may use
her Psychic Bond Special Attack if the normal attack doesn't destroy her.
Psychic Bond Special Attack: Range 1. Attack 7.
If the defending figure receives at least 1 wound, place a wound on this Army Card.
Misfortune: When a figure attacks Carla, it must first roll the 20 sided die. On a 16
higher, it may roll at most 1 attack die.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

My 100 Games Goal

Hey all! I've decided to turn a year planner into a game records-book. I'm shooting for 100 games this year, but preferably more!

I'm storing all HS games in this thing, regardless of Classic, Disgage, Customs, scenarios or what. Should make for a good read!

A few examples of the contents within
This guy only has enough space on each area to take down who played what, and who won and if the game was fair or not. I can put some things like "playtesting unit X" in the margins or special scenario rules off in another date panel.

Starting from Jan 11, and from the time of this writing, I've got a whopping 46 of my goal of 100! Not bad, though I'd like more, hahaha.

'Scape On.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Disgaea-Scape; Resurgance

I've been itching for some Disgaea-Scape lately. Hopefully this will promote the idea of actually continuing the Playtesting of Wave 1? One can only hope!

Anywho, here's what I've got planned for this Wave (if I can ever get it released, ha!).

Longinus: The talking spear from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. His abilities are all about being a Spear. He's currently labeled as a Monster in the Human faction. As Thursday proves, you don't actually need to be human to fight with them. He'll be with the humans thanks to his name. Because ol' Longy was always used as equipment in the series, I was able to take a lot of liberties with his design. He's one of the units who're basically impossible to accurately price. Last time I checked, I was thinking of putting him at 40 points, or even less.

According to the Disgaea wiki:
"Longinus' name is a reference to the lance that pierced the side of Jesus Christ, according to the Bible. The lance is also known as the Spear of Destiny, the Spear of Longinus (the Roman soldier who wielded it), along with various variations of those names including the Holy Lance."

Maderas: The Master Set allows you to get Hoggmeiser, but not Maderas. Oh no! To remedy this, the Vampire will appear in Wave 1 as none other than a Unique Demon Monster Hero. Because Maderas is almost always flinging around his Chaos Fire, you can expect to see that with his stats. That means that he'll be the first unit to incorporate a fixed position X-Shape template, which is a bit tricky. Of course, the actual thread on HSers tells how to do this. You can expect to see his Chaos Fire to get a buff from INT markers, though I'm not sure if I want to add a maximum of 5 to it. We'll see what happens when I start testing on him. I'm going to ballpark this design at about 90-110. Similar to Hoggmeiser, but far less tough.

Warrioress: To conclude this preview of units, I'll leave off with a Common Hero. The Warrioress is a typical low level Female Warrior, but her secret is to not being engaged. Fighting with a Spear means she has 2 range (as opposed to 1 like the Warrior; an Uncommon Hero from the Master Set), and she even gets a little extra attack from not being engaged when she strikes. Like the Archer, she'll be pretty fragile, but this is a scam. Her Throwing range is 4, a major step above the Archers and she even gets 1 extra move. I think she'll end up being either 25 or 30 points. Don't expect a special attack on her, so beware those with Counter-like abilities.

In other news, I've been joining in the Speed Custom Contests reboots. I haven't won any yet, but that might be because there've only been 2 rounds. 3rd time's the charm? We'll see...

'Scape On.

Friday, May 17, 2013

That's Tiny

So, I recently made a purchase from Auggies Online game store and got a bunch of cool things for about $35. I didn't realize just how small some of it could be though.

Here's a few pictures of the sizes of these new things...
The Imp is a lot smaller than what I was hoping for. I'll come up with something for it nonetheless. 5 point filler perhaps?

This is the Shadow Grappler.  Very glossy, and really cool. Quite pleased, and the store makes them  themselves, so I don't see "Stock" being a big issue.

The Crystal Cluster. Another piece they make on their own, and also a nifty gloss to it. This was a considerable gamble because I had no idea how big it would end up being (or small, rather haha).

During my free time, I've also been paining up some of my rock terrain to create...

A small, but still effective helping of molten rock terrain! I applied a thinned down layer-ish of red paint on those two central 1 hexes. Should be helpful for when I can't tell by the borders. I've waited a long time for these guys and they are finally here!! Woohoo!

Until the next time I actually post in here, 'Scape On!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Phantom Rift

HeroScape has 2 ghastly squads, the first one being the Shades of Bleakewoode and the second being the Phantom Knights. Most players look at the Phantom Knights as being overall a much better unit than the Shades, but its still worth considering the Shades for play every now and then. Let's take a look at their card, shall we?

There is a major difference in cost (a whopping 30 points!), and both squads have fairly similar base stats. The Shades get a move of 7, while the Phantoms get an attack rating of 3. The Shades are Devourers, so they would get the attack bonus from the Dumetef Guard. The Phantoms, being Knights get Concan's attack bonus and increase Sir Dupuis's attack rating if they're near him. Also, both squads are naturally mobile, in large part thanks to Stealth Flying. So then, they biggest difference between the two squads is their first power and their cost per figure.

Soul Devour: An offensive minded power where the Shades no doubt get much of their cost from. Like Kee-Mo-Shi and Ne-Gok-Sa, their power isn't the easiest to get to work, but because it can be used multiple times, you can increase the potential of the of the Devour. With any luck, you can devour at least one of your opponent's heroes during the game (not only damaging their forces, but reinforcing your own).

Insubstantial 3: A defensive power that makes the Shades really tough to kill from afar. Sure it only works on Normal Attacks, but the natural defense that the Phantom Knights have can protect them from the special attacks easily enough.

I happen to prefer playing the Shades, but that might just because I embrace the suck (or so the phrase has been coined). In game I like the idea of engaging both a hero and a squad figure with the same Shade (it shouldn't be too hard to get to because of their 7 movement). This lets me attack the squad figure, and try to Soul Devour on the next turn. With the chance to have 2 weaker "attacks" in the same turn, the Shades are "stronger" than the Phantoms. But that's not the general consensus. The biggest reasoning that makes the Phantoms much stronger than the Shades is the difference in cost. You can have 10 squads of Phantoms, but only 7 squads of Shades for 700 points.

What helps the Shades out though, is their incredibly high speed.They can get to their targets quickly, perhaps so fast that they don't have to even worry about ranged units? This is certainly huge in HeroScape, as range is very powerful. So powerful that if the Phantoms didn't have Insubstantial 3, they would likely be considered extremely weak.

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing the 2 Ghost units being compared to each other! 'Scape On.